The Philbrick Lodge No.2255 was Warranted in 1888 and now meets four times a year at the Chingford Masonic Hall in the Province of Essex.

The Motto on our Crest reads. Vestigia nulla retrorsum "We do not retreat" (L.) and was the motto of the 5 R Innisk DG, 5 DG

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How to become a member of our lodge

Becoming a member of a mason lodge is one of the most respectable positions that a person from an appropriate community can achieve. Freemasonry only attracts individuals with a high sense of morality and social responsibility. Our lodge demands a serious and reliable commitment from all its members, while also stressing the importance of the unbreakable bond of fraternity that will tie them for the rest of their lives.

The original admission to a lodge used to be made through a special introduction of the potential candidates by experienced members. This usually took place during an open event held by the organization or by a series of participations of the candidate to social actions, where he had the opportunity to meet most of the lodge members. Nowadays, besides these acceptance methods, individuals who want to enter the ranks of our lodge can contact us online and motivate their proposal.

Once the initial inquiry has been met with approval by the lodge and the applicant has won the official backing of the senior members, an interview will be scheduled to determine his eligibility. Our lodge demands that he is to be mature, free and of respectable character. More than that, the person applying for a membership should hold belief in a deity.

Once the candidate successfully passes the preliminary interviews, a date will be scheduled for the official ceremony of initiation. During this process, the applicant will have to swear an oath of allegiance on the Holy Scripture and promise to fulfill his obligations. Some of these include keeping the secrets of the lodge from the outside world or from members of a lower degree, partaking in social charity and helping a fellow brother in any possible scenario that is not a form of illegality.

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